• Wakeijuku is a dormitory for
  • "Human Growth through daily community life"
Bird's-eye view of Wakeijuku (1955's)

Wakeijuku Foundation is a dormitory for male university students in Tokyo, Japan. Here, in Wakeijuku, about 580 students - undergraduates, graduates, and international students too - live together.

Wakeijuku was established in 1955, by Japanese philanthropist, Kisaku Mayekawa (1895-1986). In the inauguration ceremony 1957, Kisaku Mayekawa gave the speech as follows:

I believe that everybody will agree to the opinion that the able man becomes a key person to take a leadership in society and will work for human society to bring order and happiness. I understand that it should be the duty of universities to educate and raise the able man. But there should be no doubt among people that currently a university education orients towards weighing on knowledge itself, while raising a moral mind is likely to be left aside.

Kisaku Mayekawa

I and my comrades were seriously worried about this situation, and thus decided to found Wakeijuku where through a daily dormitory community life, college students will have opportunities to acquire the sound intellect and moral mind needed for "to be the able man" in the society.

Since then, Wakeijuku has been run for "Human Growth through daily community life."

WAKEIJUKU | Dormitory for male students | 1-21-2 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8682, Japan | +81-3-3941-7446