• Foundation of Wakeijuku
Bird's-eye view of Wakeijuku (1955's)

The war brought Japanese people confusion in mind and lack of materials, especially after Aug. 1945. Moral, believed as a strong point of Japanese tradition, decayed to the bottom as people were intent on earning their own daily food only.

Kisaku Mayekawa

Kisaku Mayekawa, founder of Wakeijuku, believed that people should not lose their spirit in any circumstances including in such circumstances as losing every material after the war. He believed, 'After all, Japan does not have enough natural resources for the industrial use but human resources. Future of Japan is solely dependent on the growth of her human resources. It is therefore important for education to cultivate aesthetic sensitivity and rich human nature rather than just teaching studies and knowledge only. Recent school education, however, tends to put too much weight on knowledge acquisition and think little of virtue cultivation. Graduation from university itself is worthless. Hope graduates would be praised by what the person acquired from university.' He then decided to make the other type of place with different philosophy than university. His belief that it would be the top priority to provide an eternal place in order to cultivate human nature through practical daily community life to reconstruct then Japan was so strong. This eventually led him to found Wakeijuku, male university students' dormitory, in 1955 as to put his own fortune to purchase the premises of previous Marquis Hosokawa at Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

WAKEIJUKU | Dormitory for male students | 1-21-2 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8682, Japan | +81-3-3941-7446