Life at Wakeijuku

  • There are six dormitories in Wakeijuku -
  • East, West, South, North, Inui and Tatsumi
View from South dorm

There are six dormitories in Wakeijuku - East dorm, West dorm, South dorm, North dorm and Inui (Northwest) dorm for undergraduates, and Tatsumi (Southeast) dorm for graduates. Each dormitory consists of many Japanese students and a few international students.

Wakeijuku boarders live in one of six dormitories. Six dormitories are one "Wakeijuku Community," and all Japanese and international students are its member.

  • All Wakeijuku boarders are
  • Members of the "Wakeijuku Community"
International students aren't given special treatment, too.

Wakeijuku is not a mere boarding house. Wakeijuku was established for "Human Growth through daily community life," therefore, all Wakeijuku boarders are members of the "Wakeijuku Community."

International students are not an exception, either. In Wakeijuku, international students need to live with Japanese students, speak in Japanese, and follow the same rules. Any student accepted as a member of the "Wakeijuku Community" is never given special treatment.

  • Wakeijuku boarders are requested
  • to respect "Three Rules"

There are no severe rules in the "Wakeijuku Community" to respect individuality and the group surrounding the individuality. However, Wakeijuku boarders are requested to respect "Three Rules".

First, "Necessity of greetings" - Greetings are the basics of life to build up human relations.

Second, "Follow the rules of community life" - in community life, a boarder cannot insist only on his convenience. To live pleasantly in dormitory, boarders must respect each other and follow the rules in the community.

Third, "Proactive participation into the cultural events and activities of Wakeijuku" - Many annual events are held at Wakeijuku, in which all the boarders are requested to participate. It will be a good experience to organize, manage, and participate in such events. Also, Wakeijuku provides Cultural Activities called "Kyoyo-Koza" free of charge. Wakeijuku boarders can be familiarized with Japanese tradition like, Kendo, Japanese Calligraphy, Zen, and so on. Events and Cultural Activities will probably sophisticate boarders.

Sports Festival / Sado, Japanese tea ceremony
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