Admission guidelines for 2017 Spring

  • Eligibility (Men's only)
  • The prospective applicant must:
  • 1. Be enrolled in a Japanese university or college,
  • 2. Be under the age of 21 (undergraduate student) and 30 (graduate student),
  • *In another case, please consult us,
  • 3. Stay in Wakeijuku, in principle more than one year,
  • 4. Have a guarantor who resides in Japan, and is an adult living independently,
  • *Require to submit the designated pledge with your guarantor's signature within a week of your move-in day,
  • 5. Accept and abide by the concepts, rules and guidelines governing dormitory life at Wakeijuku,
  • 6. Be willing to accept the same treatment at Wakeijuku as the Japanese dorm. mates receive, based on the rules prescribed by Wakeijuku,
  • 7. Have desire to speak Japanese,
  • Application period

November 1, 2016 - ★Now ongoing★

*Applications will be closed upon reaching the quota.

  • Room type and size

All Western style single rooms

East/West/North-dorm. 11.25m² South/Inui-dorm. 9.72m² Tatsumi-dorm. 11.07m²

  • Room furnishings

Bed, Desk, Chair, Bookshelf, Storage rack, BS/UHF connection, Air conditioner, Curtain

  • Common furnishings

Dining room, Common bath room, Lounge (tables, chairs and TV), Laundry (Washer & Drier) etc.

  • Cultural Activities

The following cultural activities are held throughout the year. Please join actively.

Kendo, Iaido, Judo, Karate-do, Jikishinkage-Ryu (Japanese martial art of Swordsmanship), Zen,Japanese Calligraphy, Association of Chinese Classic Texts,Sado(Japanese Tea Ceremony), Go, Painting, Great Books Seminar, Touch Football Club, Shooto Club (Mixed Martial Arts)

  • Charges
Dormitory name Monthly
Dorm. fee
(tax included)
East-dorm. 103,488Yen 100,000Yen
West / North-dorm. 106,656Yen
South / Inui-dorm. 98,208Yen
* Graduate students dorm.

*The charges change due to a consumption tax.

Details of fee

  • ◊ Monthly Dorm. fee includes breakfast and supper, electricity, gas and water charges.
  • ◊ Monthly Dorm. fee differs according to the building facilities, room space and etc.
  • ◊ Applicants accepted to Wakeijuku must pay Deposit. Deposit will be refunded to the resident when leaving Wakeijuku, on the condition that there is no damage caused to the room or furniture. No interest will be paid on Deposit.
  • ◊ The use of Bedding rental service costs 1,944 Yen (tax included) per month. It includes a (Japanese) mattress, a (Japanese) quilt, a blanket, a pillow, sheets, a quilt cover and a pillow cover. In the room, only a bed frame is furnished. Mattress and/or blanket are not furnished.
  • ◊ There is a refund system only for graduate students in case of unnecessary meals.
  • ◊ In addition to above fees, every dorm. collects around 2,000 Yen of another charges on Internet, newspapers, various services in dorm. etc per month. (The charges differ a little from every dorm..)

Payment method

  • Deposit and Monthly Dorm. fee for the month of entrance into Wakeijuku (*calculated on a daily rate) , monthly bedding rental cost must be paid in cash on your move-in day.
  • Since next month, Monthly Dorm. fee will be automatically drawn from your bank account every month.
  • Please pay Monthly Dorm. fee and the bedding rental cost in cash until the procedure for opening your bank account is completed. We will explain in details the way of automatic debiting on your move-in day.
  • * In case of graduate students with staying period less than one year, Monthly Dorm. fee must be paid in cash every month.
  • How to apply
  • 1. Please send Wakeijuku an email using "Contact Form" of Wakeijuku website for requesting "Application Form".
  • 2. Please fill in all the fields of "Application Form" without having any missing data, and send us by post together with 2 photos to the following address;


1-21-2 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8682, Japan Atn: Ms. Shimofukasako

  • 3. The result of screening will be informed by email.
  • 4. The interview will be held on your move-in day, in principle, on weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00. The date and time of interview will be fixed on consideration with you and us.
  • 5. The exact dormitory will be informed after the interview. (If you want to stay less expensive dormitory, we will take it into consideration. Please tell us beforehand by email.)
WAKEIJUKU | Dormitory for male students | 1-21-2 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8682, Japan | +81-3-3941-7446