Dear international students,

Admission Guidelines for International Students

(July 2017)

  • 1. Eligibility:

A male student

- who has been accepted to attend a certain course of a university (/ college) or a graduate school in Tokyo metropolitan area.

- who could respect our creed and willing to experience Wakeijuku community life, following our rules. (*)

*Our creed & Rules are described in our booklet 'Guide to Wakeijuku Community Life' which would be handed to the student on his arrival day.

  • 2. Wakeijuku Facilities:

2-1) Rooms:

All rooms are a single room with wooden floor, air conditioner, curtain, bed frame, desk, chair, bookshelf, storage rack, TV jack, internet connection. Also, bedclothes* could be lent at 1,944 yen per month. (* Japanese style mattress, quilt & its cover, pillow & its cover, blanket, sheets) Room space varies a little by dorm. by dorm. (11.07m²-11.25m²).

2-2) Common facilities:

Canteen, kitchen, lounge, bath room, toilet, coin-operated laundry (washer & drier), etc.

  • 3. Fees:
Dorm. fee
Deposit A
Deposit B
East-dorm. 103,488Yen 100,000Yen 100,000Yen
West / North-dorm. 106,656Yen
(exclusive to graduate students)


3-1) Monthly dorm. fee differs pursuant to room size and dorm. facility. The fee includes tax, meals (breakfast & supper) and utilities. The fee is to be reviewed annually as a rule and is subject to change due to consumption tax rate change.

3-2) Deposit B is not necessary, if you have a guarantor who is a resident in Japan and who could pass our credit check. Deposit A is required in any cases. In other words, 200,000.- yen deposit is required, if you do not have an acceptable guarantor. Deposit will be returned to the student with no interest when leaving, provided there was no damage caused to the room or other Wakeijuku facilities.

3-3) Pro rata monthly dorm. fee would be applied to the first month and the last one.

3-4) Students' committee of each dorm. might collect a bit of dues for their activities. It differs by dorm. by dorm.

  • 4. Payment:

The first month fee and the deposit must be paid in Japanese Yen in cash on your arrival day or the next working day of Wakeijuku head office.

Please follow the instruction of Wakeijuku head office for the next payment and after.

  • 5. How to apply:

5-1) Please ask us by e-mail to send you "Application form", using "Contact form" on our website.

5-2) Please fill in all the blanks of "Application form" without any omissions and send it back to us by airmail together with 2 photos to the following address;


Attn: Ms. A. Shimofukasako

1-21-2 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-8682 Japan

Tel: +81-(0)3-3941-7446

E-mail: E-mail address for admission

5-3) The screening result would be e-mailed to you asap.

  • 6. Check-in:

We would have an interview on your arrival day. Interview time should be decided through our e-mail correspondence before you leave your home. Your dorm. & room assignment is to be informed after the interview, based on the availability. Please note that Wakeijuku head office usually handles check-in procedure from 10:00 to 16:00 (Mon. to Fri. except national holidays of Japan).

Best Regards,

WAKEIJUKU | Dormitory for male students | 1-21-2 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8682, Japan | +81-3-3941-7446